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2000 Opera Aegean

Artistic Staff
Peter Tiboris,
General Director and Music Director
Sherrill Milnes, Artistic Director
Carol Castel, Staging Director
Nicolas Di Virgilio, Master Teacher and Coach
Maria Zouves, Artist-in-Residence
Jonathan Griffith, Chorusmaster
Manolis Papasifakis, Principal Coach and Accompanist

A Brief Summary

On Tuesday, July 11, 2000, 21 artists from around the world, and an artistic and administrative staff of 15, converged in Athens, Greece, at the Esperia Palace Hotel, near Syntagma Square - the heart of the city. That evening the company was treated by Mr. Tiboris, General Director of Opera Aegean, to a welcome dinner complete with live music. From July 12 through July 20, the company was kept busy with musical coachings, stagings and rehearsals throughout the day. In addition to rehearsals of two performance programs were one-on-one coachings with staff and accompanists, as well as a public master class at Nakkas Conservatory. Press conferences were held at the Hellenic American Union and at Aegli, Zappion Gardens.

The artists also enjoyed a tour to the Acropolis, compliments of Opera Aegean, and attended a concert by Placido Domingo at the Irodion Theatre at the base of the Acropolis. After the performance, the group went backstage to meet privately with Mr. Domingo. A few nights later, as guests of Mikis Theodorakis (composer of Zorba the Greek), the group attended an outdoor evening of drama and music at Lykavitos.

The performance portion of the tour began on July 21, with a private performance at the Hellenic American Union. The next evening, the troupe appeared at Aegli - Zappion, Athens's public gardens, in front of a very large and receptive audience. On July 23, Opera Aegean departed for the beautiful island of Paros, appearing in the courtyard of the Church of 99 Doors. While on Paros, the company was treated to a sumptuous dinner after the concert, overlooking the Aegean Sea. During Opera Aegean's visit, there were "informal chats" with the artistic staff, and the opportunity to sightsee and relax at the beach.

On July 25, the troupe departed for the island of Andros for two performances at the Municipal Theatre. Seats were sold out immediately for both performances. During their stay in Andros, the artists enjoyed one-on-one coachings with the artistic staff, as well as group master classes. Artists were also the guests of the sponsor for two wonderful meals: On the first evening, company members met with important supporters of the program, and on the second evening, the group gathered on the beach and enjoyed the beautiful sights and local food.

On July 28, the company returned to Athens for several days of one-on-one coachings and two appearances at Aegli, Zappion Public Gardens. On July 31, as Opera Aegean traveled to Aegion, the company stopped at the ancient city of Corinth for a tour, compliments of the Opera Aegean. On August 1, Opera Aegean gave its final performance at Ionian Village; the performance was attended by important officials from Aegion at the Melina Mercouri Archeological Museum. The program ended on August 2 in Athens. All were given the opportunity to summarize the summer with food, wine, and song, before departing for home on August 3.

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